Improving health outcomes for patients with chronic respiratory disease

“Use of the Smartinhaler™ platform improved adherence to preventative medication by 180% and reduced use of reliever medication by 45% in a study of 220 children conducted over 4 years.” —

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About the platform

The Smartinhaler™ technology platform empowers patients, caregivers, researchers and physicians through objective and accurate medication monitoring and reminders.

  • Tracking Medication Use

    Smartinhaler medication sensors track every time the preventer and reliever medications are taken.

  • Bluetooth® Communications

    Bluetooth allows automatic wireless transmission of medication use and adherence data to apps and the cloud.

  • Touch-Enabled

    The SmartTouch™ range of devices include touchscreen options for viewing medication usage charts and updating preferences.

  • Medication Reminders

    If the user forgets to take the medication as prescribed, the Smartinhaler device provides a discreet alert to the user.

How it works


Smartinhaler medication sensors automatically send usage data to an app, Home Hub, or PC and remind users to take preventative medication.

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Smartinhaler App provides real time reporting of medication usage. It is available on iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Smartinhaler cloud-based software stores, analyses and reports data for authorised users, including healthcare professionals, managed care organisations and clinical investigators.

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