Smartinhaler™ is clinically proven to improve health outcomes in chronic respiratory disease.

The Smartinhaler™ platform by Adherium empowers patients, caregivers, researchers and physicians through objective and accurate medication monitoring and reminders.

The Smartinhaler™ platform has been proven to improve patient health outcomes. It can help reduce the significant financial costs associated with suboptimal medication adherence.


The Smartinhaler™ platform leads the market with the broadest and most flexible range of product features, including:

  • Smartinhaler™ medication sensors available for:
    • Metered dose inhalers
    • Dry powder inhalers
    • Nebulisers
  • Devices with touchscreens and audio-visual medication reminders
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Cloud-based portal for researchers and clinicians
  • Custom user interface options (available at an additional cost)
  • Independent validation
  • ISO 13485 manufactured
  • US FDA 510(K) clearance to market and CE mark


The SmartinhalerLive™ platform uses wireless technology to provide real-time data collection and reporting from Smartinhaler™ medication sensors.

Adherium_Diagram_v4Tracking medication use

  • The Smartinhaler™ platform tracks every time the preventer and reliever medications are taken.
  • The Smartinhaler™ device communicates via Bluetooth® to a smartphone  or via the Smartinhaler™ Home Hub.
  • Information is available in the cloud through the SmartinhalerLive™ Online Portal.

Medication reminders

  • If the user forgets to take the prescribed medication in the morning or evening, the Smartinhaler™ platform provides a discreet audio-visual reminder.
  • AV reminder preferences can be tailored for individual use.

Bluetooth® communications

  • Bluetooth® allows automatic wireless transmission of data from the Smartinhaler™ to when it comes within range of the Smartinhaler-enabled smartphone app or SmartKey.
  • Smartinhalers support both Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy standards.


  • The SmartTouch range touchscreens enable users to view their medication usage and change preferences such as reminder times and ringtones.