SmartTouch AV™ Advair®/Seretide®

For use with GSK’s Advair® or GSK’s Seretide® to enable tracking of medication usage. Using advanced sensors SmartTouch AV™ Advair®/Seretide® knows when the medication is taken and uploads the medication usage to SmartinhalerLive™ for review by consumers, healthcare professionals and others.

Using this information enables consumers and their healthcare team to make informed choices about the management of their disease.

SmartTouch AV™ Advair®/Seretide® includes:

  • Customizable ring tones for medication reminders
  • TouchScreen display to view medication use and enable changes in preferences, such as reminder times
  • Bluetooth® and USB Communications
  • Available in Rechargeable version

Advair® and Seretide® are registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline.